Joe Mount — Exclusive Interview | The Hivenh

Introducing Joe Mount

1. How did you decide to start a career in the world of sound design?

“I became totally inspired to explore the creation of soundscapes and the infinite possibilities of music freed from the restraints of traditional instrumentation.”

2. What was your training and professional path?

3. During your career, what technical and sectoral changes have you noticed with particular importance in the creative industry?

4. What sources of inspiration are you looking for to create a project?

“Inspiration naturally comes from the subject matter and unique perspective each film brings.”

5. In your opinion, what is the added value of sound design in the production of a film?

“Thoughtful sound design can give a scene a completely new perspective, as well as an entire film a unique feel, and can achieve these feats explicitly or so subtly that the audience only subconsciously feels the shift in mood.”

6. You worked on Prometheus’ award-winning transmedia campaign (2012) with Ridley Scott and Johnny Hardstaff. What function does sound play in such complex projects?

“Prometheus was such an amazing project to be a part of, and pushed the boundaries of what a promotional campaign could do in so many ways.”

7. Which colleagues do you think are particularly influential in the industry, and which films did you find fascinating?

8. What advice can you suggest to an aspiring professional to start his career in the sector?

My name is Peter Weyland (28 February, 2012) — In a TEDTalk set in 2023 (directed by Luke Scott), visionary entrepreneur Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) declares his intention to radically change the world and the future of humanity, underlining with mythological references the “divine power” now available to mankind through technology. See Humenhoid’s in-depth analysis.
Introducing the David 8 (17 April, 2012) — In a corporate advertisement (directed by Johnny Hardstaff), the David 8 android (Michael Fassbender) is interviewed presenting its operational functions by simulating plausible commercial availability. See Humenhoid’s in-depth analysis.
Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (17 May, 2012) — Quiet Eye (directed by Johnny Hardstaff) shows a video recording sent by archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) to Peter Weyland (founder of Weyland Industries), to convince the entrepreneur to finance the Prometheus scientific mission. See Humenhoid’s in-depth analysis.
Broadcasting of Prometheus — Available exclusively through Prometheus Blu-ray, Mission Transmission (7:02, Johnny Hardstaff, 2012) contains an audiovisual recording owned by Weyland Corporation created to describe the fundamental knowledge of human civilization and planet Earth, in the form of a signal sent into space (and presumably also transmitted by the USMCC Prometheus spaceship during the interstellar journey). The structure of the video presents several series of materials. Summary list: 1) Start-up and calibration phase (a reference to the historical Arecibo message is visible); 2) Geometric forms + human languages; 3) Captain Janek’s training session excerpt (00: 32–00: 51); 4) Charlie Holloway’s training session excerpt (00: 52–1: 09); 5) Classical piano music piece (probably by J.S. Bach); 6) Examples of relevant human artefacts; 7) Weyland Corporation models of industrial vehicles; 8) Graphical representations of mathematical formulas; 9) David 8 android training extract; 10) Elisabeth Shaw + Charlie Holloway’s training extract (2:15–3:01); 11) Aerial footage of the planet Earth; 12) Classical music piece with strings (4:46); 13) anthropological and cultural references (4: 52–6: 17); 14) Holloway + Janek’s training excerpt (6: 20–6: 51); 15) interference message + Arecibo signal + final signal. The presence of repeated interferences and the diversity of the contents allows us to assume an additional extended version, probably lost or otherwise reserved internally to Weyland Corporation; A reduced preview version of Mission Transmission (0:52) is published on YouTube on Sept. 6 2012 and presented as confidential material. See also as a creative reference, the message recorded for the NASA Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes, launched in space in 1977.



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