Neutorya: Riaba’s Journey — Apogeus

“Now listen to me. You must go. Hide in the mountains. You know where. Remember, son. From now on… You’re alone.”

Fleeing through the woods and the snow, a child begins an extreme journey in hostile conditions by discovering the vastness of Neutorya’s territory: it is only the beginning of his survival on the island.

1) What is the origin of this project?

“We wanted to experiment: two days of work, three environments, two adults, and a child with no acting experience. The result was totally unexpected and surprisingly positive.”

2) Why is a child’s story interesting?

“The choice of an African child is consistent with the Neutorya ecosystem. There is a justified story. Everything can be developed further in other projects.”

3) What was the production process like?

“Audrey Dago’s stage performance, in his very first acting experience, was centered on his free experimentation by making autonomous decisions. Running, fatigue, breathing, movements and looks: everything turned out convincing and believable with minimal directing instructions.”

4) What creative developments are foreseen in the future?

“There is still much to be discovered and told in the hostile territories of Neutorya. It is a dynamic and complex universe. And Riaba’s journey of survival has just begun.”


  • Audrey Dago — the child (Riaba)
  • Tim Plewman — the father (voice-over)
  • Project Prometheus
    A comprehensive case study on information management and narrative design in the Alien (R. Scott, 1979) and Prometheus (R. Scott, 2012) interconnected franchises; (120 pp, available upon request).



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