Simona Vilutiene — Exclusive Interview | The Hivenh

Career, skills and how to manage the production of a video game through empathy and collaboration.

Introducing Simona Vilutiene

1. Why and how did you decide to start a career in the gaming industry?

“I started as a QA Tester. This was my starting point when I began exploring my strengths in the video game industry and how I could influence the process to make it better..”

2. How did you develop the skills to become a QA Lead and then a Production Manager?

“Video game development is not about individual work; it’s all about teamwork, and this process moves like one giant organism.”

3. You have been working on the triple AAA titles, and those are massive projects with hundreds of professionals involved. What was the value of these experiences? What did you learn?

“I understood that good communication is one of the most valuable skills.”

4. I know you are an ambassador for Women in Games. What does that mean for you, and what it brings to others?

“Full equality of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers all women to achieve their full potential.”

5. What advice can you suggest to an aspiring professional to start her/his career in the video game industry?

“If you have to do an evaluation, you need to know how to listen. I know it sounds easy, but to listen without making your own opinion or interpretations is way more challenging than you think.”

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