Sir Edward Kelhoyr — Great Is Our Sin

Restored phonographic recording, 1902

The discovery of the recording Sir Edward Kelhoyr: Great Is Our Sin is the result of research by Professor William Oppershaltz, who in Ap 2020 found a series of 12 phonographic recordings. The discovery was made possible thanks to the continuous Oppershaltz’s research activity, who in 2019 revived some personal letters from Kelhoyr, which were then collected and published in the book Tenebris Lucet. Just the information contained in the letters found allowed to identify the recordings, then found in an abandoned factory in Edinburgh.

Great Is Our Sin is the first recording to be made public after a careful restoration of the delicate wax cylinders, used at the time as recording media for phonographs.

Here is the full text of the recording:

Great is our sin.
Sad is our fate.

I observe our time, and what I see is the shaking specter of an aging humanity.

We are all becoming more vulnerable to the germs of stillness and ignorance.
This is the evil we are condemning ourselves to.

We have waited six thousand years to have this immeasurable power of technique, industry, speed.

No ancient civilization has succeeded in this miracle. No one has ever been so majestic as the society we are beginning to build from the dusty catacombs of the old world.

Here is our temple erected: an imposing tower of glass and light and iron, to mark the beginning of a new era. The past is buried in marble and stone.

Behold the holy lighthouse!

What extraordinary energy has brought us here? What unknown force has allowed us such a privilege? It was us, the captains of the Ark of Progress, the last enlightened minds, heirs of these millennia of precarious evolution.

This is the time of awakening. A destruction that also means a rebirth.
Like a furious storm that after its passage reveals an unknown island full of wonders.

It will be we, the faithful castaways, who will lead humanity towards its recovery. The best era of our history will be our artifice.

Vitam impendere vero.

Still Too Human is part of the Kelhoyr’s phonograph recordings restored by William Oppershaltz

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