The Order: 1886

Creative origins, narrative world and story

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The document proposes an analysis of the narrative structure of The Order: 1886 (Ready at Dawn, 2015).

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1. Introduction

1.1. Victorian uchrony
Set in a historic Victorian London, the video game The Order: 1886 (Ready At Dawn, 2015) combines a historical neo-gothic scenario with futuristic elements, imagining a secret order of knights battling centuries-old against a hostile species of werewolf creatures.

The first promo of The Order: 1886 presented during E3 2013 introduces the knight group of the Order and the threat of werewolves in the Whitechapel neighborhood. See also Ru Weerasuriya’s interview.

The story involves the protagonist Grayson, Sir Galahad, a knight of the secret society of the Order of the Knights of King Arthur.

In the fall of 1886, Grayson and his comrades are tasked with stopping the escalating attacks of the mutant creatures (Lycans) and repelling the emerging anti-government terrorist threat of the Rebellion.

When Grayson and the knights begin to investigate the powerful multinational United India Company as well, the consequences of their actions will reveal a global threat and upset the mission of the Order.

Ru Weerasuriya, Nathan Phail-Liff, Joe Studzinski and Dana Jan, present the historiographical vision and creative choices behind the creation of the story of The Order: 1886 motivating the choice to build an alternative Victorian London by combining stylistic elements from various eras, from mythology medieval to the Industrial Revolution, with the aim of creating a highly realistic narrative universe.
The struggle between men and werewolves has secular origins and in the year 1886 reaches a new dramatic phase of confrontation between the Knights of the Order and the species of the Half-Breeds, who have returned dangerously active in London.
The study of the weapons used by the Knights was based on extensive scientific research by reworking the engineering vision of the Victorian era with elements extracted from prototypes and armaments subsequently available during the Great War and the Second World War. The special weapons are also based on the studies and technologies of Nikola Tesla, present in the story as a scientist affiliated with the Order. Among the historical characters that really existed also appear Charles Darwin, Rani di Jhansi, with a reference also to Sir Conan Doyle and Jack the Ripper.
Jason Graves presents the creative choices adopted for the composition of the soundtrack of The Order: 1886 with the aim of fully enhancing visual and narrative aspects with unique and engaging musical elements.
Matt Pettineo, Garrett Foster and Andrea Pessino present the physical and engineering aspects related to the design of the graphics engine used for The Order: 1886. The high simulation goals also included a phase of scanning of fabrics, metals and original materials from the Victorian era, with the aim of accurately reproducing surfaces, reflections, wear, weight and other factors fundamental to guaranteeing the high graphic performance of objects, natural phenomena and architectural elements, providing an interactive experience with a high immersive potential.
The innovative “cinegametic” hybridization with real actors, scanned in real time, made it possible to create characters with mimic and expressive details capable of transmitting emotions and enhancing the narrative development of the story.

1.2. Primary characters

  • Grayson/Galahad
    Knight; (protagonist)
  • Sebastian Malory/Perceval
  • Isabeau D’Argyll/Igraine
  • Marquis De Lafayette
  • Lucan D’Argyll/Alastair
  • Nikola Tesla
    Scientist in the service of the Order
  • August D’Argyll/Lord Chancellor
    Head of the Order and of the Council of Knights
  • Lord Hastings/Jacob Van Neck
    Noble affiliated with the Order
  • Rani Lakshmi
    Indian warrior queen, head of the Rebels
  • Devi
    Daughter of Lakshmi, commander of the Rebels

1.3. Primary enemies

  • Bedlamites
    Armed psychiatric patients
  • Rebels
    Armed members of the Revolution, an anti-government terrorist force; (soldiers, shotgun specialists, armored)
  • Lycans and Half-breeds
    Evil creatures in centuries-old struggle with the Order (bipedal “Elder”, and quadrupedal werewolves)
  • Vampires
    A new enemy ally of the Lycans (a vampire and Lord Hastings)
  • United India Company guards
    Corporate Mercenaries (Soldiers, Sniper Specialists, Armored Men, Shotgun Specialists)
  • English Army
    Regular troops under the command of the Order.
Ru Weerasuriya and Andrea Pessino present the first demo of The Order: 1886.
Garrett Foster and Dana Jan present the first demonstration of The Order: 1886 during E3 2014. See also [] e []

2. Analysis

2.1. Narration
The narrative of the project is organized through a 1 prologue, 16 main chapters and 1 short epilogue, all focusing on the story of Grayson and the relationship with his fellow knights during the adventure.

The prologue is set on November 20, 1886 while chapters 1–12 retrace events from the past, which took place between October 12 and November 20, 1886. Chapter 13 brings the story back to the present time, returning to the events anticipated in the prologue and continuing the narrative. until 21 December 1886.

In a nutshell, the cardinal themes of the story develop outlining a narrative parable of the hero’s rise-descent-rise.

  • Initial condition (ascent)
    The hero is initially a respected and honorable subject.
  • Accident (descent)
    The hero is accused of treason; he loses affection, honor, freedom and the possibility of revealing his truth.
  • New balance (rise)
    The hero is helped to accomplish his complete redemption, restoring his own moral integrity and inaugurating a new existential balance.
An interesting interview with Ru Weerasuriya on the origins of the narrative world of The Order: 1886.

2.2. Themes
The main cardinal themes of the story are:

  • Imprisonment
    The hero is the victim of an unjust conspiracy and forced to suffer moral and physical punishment.
  • Redemption and revenge
    The hero wants to regain his moral integrity and avenge the death of a friend (Perceval)
  • Fight against Evil
    The hero is the chosen one who can directly influence the confrontation with the enemies of humanity.
  • Humanity in danger
    A new enemy threatens civilization globally.
  • Illusory enemy
    The main subject perceived as an enemy (the Rebellion) actually turns out to be a fundamental ally for the hero’s mission.
  • Sacrificial exile
    The hero recovers his honor, takes revenge, but as the only witness to a new truth he is forced to sacrifice himself with secrecy and exile.
  • Open epilogue
    The hero inaugurates a new existential direction and a mission for the future.

2.3. Narrative structure
The story includes 18 narrative segments, formally divided into 16 primary chapters, 1 prologue and 1 epilogue. Here is the list of chapters with a summary of the main narrative and interactive elements.

0. Prologue: One A Knight

The Twentieth Day of November, 1886
Catacombs of Westminster

  • Prison
  • Sequence
    A prisoner (Grayson) is mistreated by the guards
    On the second day of torture, the prisoner manages to free himself
  • Escape session
  • Weapon Finding: Pistol (unloaded)
  • Indication of a supernatural presence (assault of a guard by an unidentified creature)
  • The prisoner is stuck on the roof of Westminster Cathedral
  • Meeting with other armed subjects; return request
  • Name of the protagonist (Sir Galahad/Gray)
  • The prisoner refuses to surrender and throws himself from the building; fall into the water
  • Project title (The Order: 1886)

1. Chapter 1: Always a Knight

October 20, 1886
Waverton House, Mayfair, London

  • Remote conversation with radio to receive orders from Perceval (new character)
  • Exploration mission
    Directive: locate building, reach the street, meet Lady Igraine
  • Reading a newspaper in a room (reference to mysterious abductions in Whitechapel)
  • Finding of a photograph (The Wyndham Family, July 20, 1886)
  • Finding of the phonograph cylinder (Le Morte d’Arthur)
  • Manifest Discovery (Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities);
    radio conversation with Perceval and Lady Igraine (ironic reference to Lafayette)
  • Finding a small metal bottle
  • Meeting with Lady Igraine (reference to an ongoing revolt)
  • Radio communication with Perceval
  • Reach United India Square
  • Directive: follow Igraine
  • Firefighting Training Mission
    Directive: make the revolt harmless
    New enemy (bedlamite)
  • Armed clash with the “bedlamites”
  • Information for reloading, training for shelter (training for armed confrontation dynamics)
    Lady Igraine suggests the use of the rifle
  • Directive: pursue escapees into the Exchange Building
  • Break-in mission
    Break into the building; use of a shotgun stun wave against the enemy to free a hostage
  • Igraine is wounded in the arm by a bullet and for the first time a vial of liquid tied to her neck
  • Fixed position siege with frontal enemies
  • First time use of smoke grenades
  • Directive Clear the Grande Lounge
  • Directive: Follow Igraine (second floor of the building)
  • Body attack on an enemy (from behind)
  • Directive: Clear the second floor East Wing
  • Use of Blacksight (dark sight), tactical ability that speeds up reflexes
  • Galahad meets General Lafayette (in their dialogue the first reference to the Half-breeds is stated)
  • Galahad glimpses Perceval in the distance, holding back with an unidentified man
  • Location: the London underground, Mayfair. With Igraine e Lafayette
  • The three friends split up; Galahad goes on exploration alone
  • Exploration mission
    Directive: Pursue the remaining escapees
  • Communication from the air command (the area is under control)
  • Galahad climbs a wall to find an alternative route
  • Galahad encounters a fugitive foe who is revealed to be a Half-breed, werewolf creature.
  • New enemy: “Lycan”
  • Directive: Eliminate the Lycans
  • Armed encounter with creatures (3 total; 1 flees)
  • Galahad asks Igraine for the Arc Gun to pursue the enemy.
  • Directive: Pursue the Lycan
    Pursuit mission (urban exploration)
  • Galahad kills the half-breed with the electric rifle
  • Radio contact with Perceval; meet on Regent Street
  • Sequence:
    Perceval delivers a fugitive enemy (half-breed) to the police
  • The police commissioner (Doyle) talks with Perceval, presenting some hypotheses, with references to the Whitechapel murders, the Rebellion and the recent insane revolt
  • Galahad, Perceval, Igraine and Lafayette have a brief meeting on the situation. There are still many questions about the links between the Rebellion and the role of the Lycans

2. Chapter 2: Amongst equals

October 14, 1886
The Council of Knights, Palace of Westminster

Lord Chancellor introduces the history of the Order, founded by King Arthur, and its sacred mission: to preserve humanity in the eternal between men and Half-Breed

Information elements:

  • The new threat to the Order is the Rebellion
  • The threat is external and also internal to the Order
  • An investigative mission to Whitechapel, proposed by Perceval, is requested
  • Charles Darwin also spoke at the council meeting in favor of the mission in Whitechapel, also supported by Lord Hastings and Lord Dunglass
  • Despite the favorable opinions, the vote denies the investigation wanted by Perceval
  • Lord Hastings talks about an upcoming trip to the Americas, planned with Lord Barrett and Darwin. The Agamemnon is mentioned: the best aircraft produced by the United India Company
  • For the first time Sir Lucan / Alastair is introduced, son of Lord Chancellor Perceval speaks with him insisting on the investigation in Whitechapel. Sir Lucan is the. Sir Lucan finally gives his consent for an unofficial mission headed by Sir Perceval
  • Lafayette and Galahad talk about Lucan and Igraine, adopted by the Lord Chancellor.
  • Lucan informally asks Galahad to protect his sister Igraine
  • Directive: Follow Tesla
    A new character is introduced: Nikola Tesla
    The scientist is the inventor of the advanced equipment of the knights
  • Directive: Explore Tesla’s Lab
  • Inspection of a poster with Edison portrait (meeting at the Crystal Palace); inspection of a voice receiver; inspection of a poster Aux Belles Muses (brothel)
  • Exploration and training mission
  • Tesla gives Galahad a tool for managing electricity (useful for breaking open doors and systems); simulation test with the instrument
  • Note: At the back of the laboratory is the hanging carcass of a pig pig. This is perhaps a quote from Gangs of New York (M. Scorsese, 2002) and District 9 (2009, N. Blomkamp)
  • Tesla introduces Galahad a new weapon, the Essex 84 Marksman Carbine (sniper rifle with added optics)
  • Tesla hands Galahad a monocle requested by General Lafayette
  • Sequence
    The horse-drawn carriage is headed for Whitechapel. Perceval introduces the rebel territory exploration plan; The place to reach is the London Hospital

3. Chapter 3: Inequalities

October 15, 1886
District of Whitechapel

  • Directive: Get to the Hospital undetected
  • Exploration mission
    The knights split up to explore the neighborhood. Galahad and Lafayette proceed together. The meeting with Perceval and Igraine is at London Hospital.
  • Item: pipe still hot and smoking (possible enemy just escaped)
  • Encounter with a rebel (neutralized by Lafayette)
  • Item: poster of a hostel
  • Galahad and Lafayette arrive at a square where a rebel-affiliated man is holding a rally
  • An Indian woman among the rebels notices the two knights
  • Galahad and Lafayette leave, knowing they have been seen
  • Directive: Head through the alleyway
  • Galahad intervenes to save a woman attacked by one of the rebels.
    The woman refers to the Whitechapel murders attributed to Jack the Ripper, and claims she met him without knowing his true identity.
  • Interactive item: mechanical picking system of a lock (alignment of the pistons)
  • Entry into the Aux Belles Muses brothel
  • Delivery of weapons at the entrance (to a rebel)
  • Item: handwritten letter
  • Reappearance of the Indian woman in search of the knights; Galahad and Lafayette flee
  • Subject: “Sons and Daughters of Britain” phonograph cylinder
  • Theft of a pistol and a rifle; escape from the brothel
  • Exploration of a building to find a path
  • Galahad kills two rebels on the lookout
  • Weapons recovered: automatic rifle, normal rifle, grenades
  • New directive: Fight through the rebel ambush
  • Mission of maintaining the position, raiding and subsequent advancement: firefight, ambush of the rebels. Path between buildings and several barriers. New enemies: shotgunners, grenadiers
  • Directive: Find a way to the rooftops
  • Use of the new monocle to locate the London Hospital and the sentinels areas (send morse code to confirm position and request support)
  • Subject: puppet (reference to Little Big Planet)
  • Directive: Rendezvous with Perceval and Igraine
  • Shooting in the alleys against the rebels
  • Perceval saves Galahad’s life by killing an armed rebel. Perceval points out to Galahad that the rebels have come into possession of some of their special weapons
  • Perceval leads Galahad and Lafayette to a rebel depot where unregistered weapons of the Order are found
  • New unlocked weapon Thermite Rifle
  • Reach out to Igraine and protect her
    Endurance mission/holding position
  • Galahad protects the injured commissar (only the pistol can be used against enemies positioned on the roof)
  • Perceval is wounded in the neck and heals instantly using his personal ampoule
  • Item: map with handwritten locations
  • Galahad finds a way out of the building
  • The knights move together to reach the hospital encountering several enemies.
  • New Enemy (Armored Rebel with Thermite Rifle)
  • Directive: Help Perceval with the cart
  • Directive: Plant thermite on the bridge
  • Galahad places an incendiary clip on the bridge to cause the structure to collapse and clear a passage in the street
  • Item: newspaper
  • The hospital is surrounded and secured together with the police. The horsemen spot the Lycans in the hospital perimeter. Galahad contacts Air Sentry 5 to request support. The sentry sends an electromagnetic signal to the ground to disperse the Lycans
  • The knights advance towards the hospital

4. Chapter 4: An Endless Battle

October 15, 1886
London Underground to reach the hospital

  • Directive: Use the Underground to get to the hospital
  • Exploration mission in a low visibility environment
  • Galahad and Igraine explore the area
  • Galahad holds a lantern in one hand. This interaction prevents the knight from dodging blows and using the shotgun
  • Search for alternative routes in the route and short armed clashes
  • Directive: Find another way to the exit
  • Arrive at Whitechapel metro station to get to the hospital
  • Arrive at the hospital to explore and investigate the Lycans attack
  • Exploration mission
  • Item: input register
  • Galahad and Igraine split up
  • Directive: Investigate the basement
  • Radio contacts with Igraine are interrupted due to lack of signal
  • Encounter with a large ancient Lycan (new enemy)
  • Galahad tries to escape and defends himself by firing a pistol. The Lycan attacks and severely injures him
  • To survive, Galahad e uses her own healing ampoule for the first time.
  • Man-Monster Clash / Survival Mission
  • After the first battle in Galahad’s favor, the Lycan flees
  • Directive: Find Igraine
  • Quick scan to reach location
  • Exploration / pursuit mission
  • New brief confrontation in front of a gate. Galahad closes the Lycan over a door
  • Galahad tries to open one of the gates for Igraine, but the two are separated as the Lycan raids the room.
  • The Lycan pulls away Galahad’s rifle
  • First hand-to-hand fight with Lycan
  • Combat sequence with white weapon
  • Galahad is injured and immobilized; Igraine intervenes by wounding the Lycan with an ax. Galahad faints, while Igraine is mortally wounded
  • Galahad manages to get up, eliminates the Lycan and helps Igraine by making her sip the liquid from her ampoule
  • Galahad helps Igraine rest by moving her to a bed. The Indian woman of the rebels can be seen running. Igraine passes out shortly after when Galahad reaches the rebel lair
  • Directive: Search the rebel hideout
  • Item: cargo inventory of the Agamemnon expected for the Americas
  • Item: group photograph with portrait also of Lord Hastings
  • Interactive sequence: lock to break
  • Item: “All Through the Night” phonograph cylinder
  • Galahad finds some counterfeit uniforms of the United India Company without ranks and departments
  • Ogbject: “The Anarchists 29.09.86” recording
  • Directive: Get Igraine and leave the Hospital
  • Perceval addresses Galahad on the radio. Galahad of the rebels’ lair in the psychiatric ward, and their connection with the United India Company and with Lord Hastings
  • Galahad and Igraine (Isi) are having an affair
  • Meeting with Lafayette, Perceval and Nikola.
  • Tesla gives Galahad some new tools: the electric sabotage system, sniper rifle to assemble (revealed in the next chapter) and a special pistol (delivered to Perceval)
  • While the knights are updated on the position of the Agamemnon they make clear the possibility of finding rebels infiltrated on board. At that moment the aircraft flies over their position

5. Chapter 5: Agamemnon Rising

October 15, 1886
The Airship Agamemnon, above London

  • While the knights are updated on the position of the Agamemnon they make clear the possibility of finding rebels infiltrated on board. At that moment the aircraft flies over their position
  • Directive: infiltrate the Agamemnon
  • Galahad asks Perceval about his encounters with an unknown elderly gentleman in Mayfair and Whitechapel. Perceval replies that he is carrying out a personal investigation and that he will tell him everything in due course
  • The team splits: Igraine and Perceval leave and Galahad continues with Lafayette
  • Exploration mission in silent mode
  • Directive: Disrupt power to the magnetic block (first time on a mission; second time after technical test in Tesla’s lab)
  • Directive: Take out the guard undetected
  • Galahad kills a guard while checking an electrical panel
  • Directive: Find a way to the cockpit
  • Upon reaching the control room, Galahad throws a smoke grenade inside
  • Brief conflict with the men in the cabin (dark vision mode with guided interaction)
  • Galahad notifies Perceval about the control of the cabin
  • Lafayette remains in command of the ship
  • Galahad is to join Lord Hastings in the hall
  • The loudspeaker talks about suspicious activity in the cockpit (dialogue with Lafayette)
  • Position exploration / achievement mission:
    First guard killed (silent mode; the guards make a path with the lantern and Galahad must eliminate them without being detected)
  • Directive: Head to the Ballroom undetected
  • Item: newspaper “Morning Post: United India Company — Latest acquisition deemed pervasive”
  • Location reached: The Ballroom Foyer, Airship Agamemnon
  • Lord Hastings appears accompanied by Lucan
  • The knights decide to proceed with their mission without informing Lucan of their presence
  • Galahad climbs the stairs and assembles the sniper rifle
  • New weapon: Suppressed M86 (delivered by Tesla)
  • Directive: Identify the disguised rebels (uniforms without symbols; 2 identified rebels)
  • Directive: Take out the disguised rebels (2 rebels killed)
  • Galahad warns Lucan of the presence of the rebels
  • A rebel shoots a guard trying to kill Lord Hastings
  • Lucan and Lord Hasting flee
  • Galahad asks Perceval for support
  • Some rebels reach the position and start shooting at Galahad
  • Directive: Stop the rebels from entering the foyer
  • New weapon: “Three Crown” coach gun
  • Sequence: explosion on board and reappearance of the Indian woman, identified by Galahad as commander of the rebels. The woman orders the retreat of her men
  • Position exploration/achievement mission
    Directive: Pursue the rebel leader and her accomplice
  • The megaphone on board declares a state of emergency and invites passengers to reach the evacuation areas
  • Perceval orders Galahad to stop the chase. An explosive device was discovered on board
  • Location: Starboard Emergency Deck
    Sequence: After an argument with Perceval, Lucan and Lord Hastings leave the ship on the airships
  • Igraine reaches Lafayette
  • Directive: Find the rebel saboteurs
  • Galahad and Perceval continue together
  • Item: “Evacuation Procedures” recording
  • Electric power sabotage to access the armory and retrieve equipment and ammunition
  • Item: document with a list of weapons loaded owned by the United India Company
  • Explosion on board
  • Shooting in the kitchen against the rebels
  • Further shooting with a group of rebels
  • Passing through an obstacle. Perceval lifts a beam to allow Galahad to pass. After an unexpected collapse, Perceval and Galahad split up. Galahad continues the chase
  • Item: photograph of two crew chefs
  • Firefight with a group of rebels
  • Galahad finds Perceval and the armed rebel, who is blocked
  • Perceval talks to the rebel inviting him to surrender. The rebel says he is fighting the United India Company. Perceval calls the rebel “friend” inviting him to stop
  • Sudden explosion
  • Igraine tries to contact them on the radio

6. Chapter 6: In the Darkest Hour

October 15, 1886
The Crystal Palace, Hyde Park

  • Galahad wakes up on the ground, between metal sheets and flames: the airship has crashed
  • Galahad finds a body, but it is not Perceval
  • Galahad’s radio is receiving Igraine’s signal, but the microphone is not working
  • Galahad finds Perceval’s radio. A few meters away, he sees his friend
  • Galahad moves a plate to reach the knight, but Perceval is now dead
  • October 17, 1886
    Tesla’s laboratory
    Catacombs of Westminster
  • Galahad inspects Perceval’s items
  • Lucan joins him. He tells him that Lord Hastings is on his way to the United India Company building and that he will personally thank him for saving his life.
  • Galahad and Lucan take the elevator

7. Chapter 7: The Knighthood

October 17, 1886
The Council of Knights, Palace of Westminster

  • Lord Chancellor delivers a commendation at the funeral of Sebastian Malory, Sir Perceval
  • Information: Perceval has served for over six centuries in the Order, seeing the rise of the Half-breeds threat
  • Lord Chancellor speaks of the Grail, of Blackwater, the water that heals every wound and extends normal human life. Lafayette lies on her knees in front of him
  • In the event of the death of a knight of the Order, a new candidate inherits his name
  • Galahad gives Lord Chancellor the bottle of Perceval. Lord Chancellor fills it from a spring, celebrating the miraculous water of the holy grail. Lafayette drinks the water through Perceval’s flask. Lord Chancellor hands him a sword, which Lafayette needs to combine his blood with the miraculous water
  • Lafayette is officially proclaimed a knight with the name of Sir Perceval
  • Sequence: Lord Chancellor calls a session of the Council of the Order arguing accusations and perplexities against the Perceval and Galahad operation
  • The session is interrupted by an explosion; the rebels have blocked Lord Hastings’ caravan on Westminster Bridge and are attacking

8. Chapter 8: Under Siege

October 17, 1886
Westminster Bridge, City of Westminster

  • Galahad, Igraine, Lucan and Perceval begin the defense of the bridge to reach Lord Hastings
  • Combat mission and position achievement
    Directive: Clear a path to the carriage
  • Galahad’s main weapon: TS-23 Arc Induction Lance
  • Firefight with the rebels
  • Directive: Save Hastings
  • Galahad sees the Indian woman on the bridge commanding the rebels. The knight decides to separate from his companions and move forward, ignoring Igraine’s requests
  • Directive: Stop the rebel attack
  • Arc Gun (maybe a reference to Half-life 2’s anti-gravity gun)
  • Directive: Take Out the Artillery
  • Galahad requests air support to Sentinel 3
  • Weapon: TS-29 Cannon (artillery cannon)
  • Directive: Eliminate the remaining rebels
    Maintain position and fire mission
  • Wounded and beaten by Galahad, a last rebel confesses that the Indian woman is in the Whitechapel brothel (Aux Belles Muses)
  • Sequence:
    Far away from his friends, Galahad enters the Whitechapel brothel. The knight approaches the counter and asks the landlord for absinthe
  • The Indian woman joins him to talk to him. The conversation is interrupted by the arrival of another Indian woman, who shows a cruet of Blackwater
  • The Indian woman, called queen by her partner, argues to Galahad that knights and rebels are fighting the same enemy: the United India Company
  • To prove the allegations against the United India Company, the Indian woman suggests that Galahad go to the Blackwall Yards pier.
  • Sequence: Igraine sees Galahad walking out of the brothel with the Indian woman. He then decides to enter the building and there he discovers the knight’s uniform, abandoned by Galahad.
  • Galahad and Lakshmi venture into the underground tunnels to reach the pier
  • Directive: Follow Lakshmi
    New location: tunnel / sewer
  • Lakshmi and Galahad talk about the Pure Bloods, ancestors of the Half-breed, believed to be extinct but actually still alive.
  • Interaction: beam to move

9. Chapter 9: An Uneasy Alliance

October 18, 1886
Underground expansion, Blackwall

  • Position exploration / achievement mission
  • Lakshmi says he fought the Lycans in Jhansi
  • Item: poster to advertise the expansion of the subwayInterazione: sposta il carro insieme a Lakshmi per arrivare all’uscita
  • Directive: Deal with the guard
  • Sequence: The guard discovers Galahad exposing himself by pretending to be lost in the tunnels. During the dialogue Lakshmi hides and then hits the guard with a beam.
  • Directive: Find a way to the street
  • Interaction: Galahad pulls the lever on the tracks and together with Lakshmi moves a cart
  • Interaction: Galahad and Lakshmi climb the scaffolding to reach the road
  • Location: United India Docks, Blackwall
  • Sequence: Galahad and Lakshmi arrive at the entrance gates. Lakshmi vaulted over the gate and tried to force the lock, but a sniper opened fire on them, wounding Galahad and sounding the alarm.
  • Directive: Get to the sniper
    Exploration of buildings and warehouse shootings
  • Using the Thermite rifle (an enemy in armor)
  • Sequence: Galahad reaches the sniper and kills him
  • Directive: Help Lakshmi to safety
  • Galahad kills the enemy guards and allows Lakshmi to advance
  • Sequence: Galahad is hit multiple times by a guard and falls off the building. Exhausted, he manages to use the healing ampoule.
  • Galahad moves towards the building as Lakshmi offers covering fire
  • The player repels a grenade
  • The two comrades take refuge in the foundry to look for evidence against the United India Company
  • Exploration mission
    Directive: Find a way out of the Foundry
  • “Cable from the New Continent” recording
  • Item: photo of a United India Company headquarters under construction in Philadelphia
  • Use the chain to move a crane and cross the shed to open the main door for the woman
  • Galahad and Lakshmi open a door together, but find an armed guard calling for reinforcements
  • Shooting and exit to the outside
  • The other Indian woman, Devi, appears. He informs Lakshmi and Galahad that the United India Company’s shipping load is planned for the Americas and West India.
  • Sequence: Lord Hastings is spotted talking to a man from the company. The cargo is transported on a ship
  • The three companions enter a side building to enter the complex
  • The Indian woman calls Lakshmi “Rani”, a warrior queen who fought against the British army in India, considered dead by Galahad’s information.
  • Directive: Get to the dry dock
  • Item: wooden model of the recent boat built by the United India Company
  • “Cargo Inspection Log” recording
  • Item: photo of the airport of the United India Company in Calcutta. Galahad remembers his trip to the Indies
  • Devi separates to survey the area. Galahad and Ravi continue together. Galahad operates the freight elevator
  • Location: United India Shipyards, Blackwall
  • Interaction: Galahad operates the freight elevator
  • Interaction: Galahad helps Ravi up after the jump between the scaffolding.
  • On the dock, Galahad and Ravi are discovered by a guard, who raises the alarm. Lord Hastings is turned away and protected by the guards
  • Directive: Take out the guards
  • Shooting; new weapon: TS-17 Detonator (grenade launcher)
  • Interaction: freight elevators to reach the warehouses by going down the street
  • Clashes with the guards
  • M2 Falchion Auto-rifle and M4 Dragoon Revolver
  • Arrival at the shipping warehouse
    Shipping Warehouses, United India Docks
  • Directive: Search for the company’s insignia on crates
  • Item: commercial document; lumen
  • Greater Union poster; on the back the symbol of the London ravens and the word Dock 4
  • Item: photographs of two men armed with thermite rifles and detonators
  • Galahad identifies a suspicious shipment with the United India Company emblem. Once the chest is opened, a vampire is discovered inside; Ravi accuses Lord Hastings of being a vampire and killer of some women in Whitechapel (the murders of Jack the Ripper)
  • As Rani and Galahad talk, the vampire in the chest begins to awaken. Ravi kills him with a stab to the heart. Ravi declares that the number of vampires in the chests is enough to infect a city
  • Directive: Help Lakshmi destroy the crates
  • Rani procures fuel and Galahad sets fire to crates with vampires (3 interactions)
  • Interaction: Galahad helps Rani climb over a wall; Galahad uses a ladder
  • Shoot the guards while Rani sets fire to the remaining crates
  • The exit door is locked
  • A Lycan appears; Rani and Galahad manage to open the door and block the monster. But other Lycans appear inside the warehouse
  • Directive: Eliminate the Lycans
  • From behind a door you hear You have to call Rani; suddenly a Lycan breaks down the door and attacks Devi. Galahad intervenes by blocking the animal and firing a pistol shot
  • The three companions decide to escape
  • Sequence: Galahad, Rani and Devi retrace the underground tunnels to return to the city. Galahad declares his intention to inform the Council of the Order, but Rani urges him to be cautious as the United India Company may have supporters in the government.
  • Devi and Rani leave, dismissing Galahad

10. Chapter 10: Confrontations

October 18, 1886
The Council of Knights, Palace of Westminster

  • Sequence: Galahad returns to Westminster. Igraine stops him to ask for an explanation, claiming that she followed him and saw him in Whitechapel with the rebels. Galahad gets nervous, decides not to confide in Igraine and invites her to stay away from him
  • Sequence: Galahad talks to Lord Chancellor and Lucan about the discovery and the conspiracy. Lord Chancellor doesn’t believe him and walks away
  • Galahad suggests that Lucan infiltrate the United India House at night to find information.
  • Lucan stays with Galahad and decides to help the knight in his investigation. Galahad finally decides not to involve Lafayette and Igraine, but plans to involve Rani.
  • Sequence: Galahad and Lucan travel by carriage to their goal

11. Chapter 11: Brothers in Arms

October 18,1886
Duke Street, Mayfair

  • Galahad and Lucan enter a building near the United India House, greeted by one of their military collaborators (Francis)
  • Item: newspaper with article Crystal Palace in Ruins after Airship Crash
  • Item: photograph of Perceval, Lucan and Francis, in uniform (Commonwealth)
  • New weapon: crossbow with sight
  • Directive: Follow Lucan
  • Directive: Locate an anchor point (Galahad spara la fune con la balestra)
  • Galahad uses the rope to break into the garden (United India House Garden, Mayfair).
  • Upon hearing a suspicious noise, a guard approaches with the lantern and is promptly killed by Galahad. Lucan tells him that he is against killing the guards without proof of their guilt. He then suggests that Galahad find a key to access a garden gate
  • Sneak attack mission with item retrieval
  • Directive: Acquire the gate key
  • Directive: Unlock the gate
  • Item: Newspaper
  • Directive: Rende Vouz with Lucan
  • Galahad and Lucan split up to explore the area, shutting down radio communications and making an appointment inside
  • Interaction: pick to force a lock
  • Directive: Clear the West Wing
  • Item: photo of a woman with two girls and caption “My Dearest Elizabeth”
  • Galahad takes out three guards in the garden and then continues through an iron grate into an irrigation canal
  • Galahad saves Rani by killing a guard with a crossbow
  • Directive: Infiltrare the United India House
  • Galahad and Rani cross the garden to infiltrate the archives
  • Opening a door; inspection of a tin box
  • Galahad and Rani meet Devi and Finley, a rebel; Galahad has to push the carriage with Rani to get on
  • Rani kills two guards, but they are discovered and reinforcements are on the way
  • Armed confrontation with the guards: Galahad remains in position on the balcony while the enemies cross the garden
  • Galahad and his companions enter the palace and face several shootings
  • “News from The East Indies” recording (letter from a woman to Lord Hastings)
  • Interaction: electrical tampering to open a door
  • Sequence: Galahad meets Lucan. Galahad convinces Lucan to trust him and Rani to seek evidence together against the United India Company
  • Guards arrive and a shooting begins
  • Recording: Ramayana, First Verse
  • Shooting (hold position; grenade launcher available)
  • Galahad and his companions approach the archive
  • Item: newspaper (Rebels spread terror on Westminster bridge)
  • Galahad and his companions enter the archive
  • At the entrance, there is an ancient sculpture of a wolf devouring a man
  • Directive: Search the archives (ricerca delle prove incriminanti)
  • Recording: Chopin, Prelude in E-minor, Dying Away
  • Item: photograph “Auguste Bartholdi devant ses ateliers parisiens, Rue Vavin, Paris, 187-.” The head of the Statue of Liberty is visible.
  • Rani finds a log with maps of United India Company expeditions, scheduled for the Americas in the next six weeks (RMS Oceanic)
  • Rani realizes that Comrade Finley is no longer with them. Noises can be heard from a nearby room
  • When Galahad and Rani enter the room they find Finley dead and a vampire next to her body. As his beastly physiognomy returns to human, Lord Hastings reveals his real name: Jacob Van Neck, also known as Jack the Ripper.
  • Lucan enters the room and Lord Hastings thanks him for his complicity
  • Rani manages to escape thanks to Galahad, who throws his dagger at Lord Hastings as he tries to attack her. Lucan immobilizes the knight. In the struggle, Galahad and Lucan fall off a balustrade. Attacked on the ground, Galahad manages to stab Lucan, who escapes.
  • Pursuit Mission: Galahad chases Lucan
  • Location: Cellars, United India House
  • Directive: Eliminate the Lycans (3)
  • Directive: Pursue Lucan
  • Galahad and Lucan have a new hand-to-hand fight. Galahad manages to stab Lucan and again, who turns out to be a Lycan
  • From behind a door, voices can be heard approaching. Lucan escapes
  • Enter Igraine and Lafayette to help Lord Hastings
  • Lord Hastings testifies against Galahad, who is arrested by Lafayette on orders from Igraine

12. Chapter 12: A Traitor Amongst Us

October 20, 1886
The Council of Knights, Palace of Westminster

  • The trial against Galahad condemns him to be expelled from the Order and to the death penalty
  • Sequence: back to the present time. Imprisoned, Galahad manages to escape from prisons. At the top of the Palace of Westminster it launches into the river below

13. Chapter 13: Between Life and Death

November 20, 1886
The Embankment, Blackwall

  • Galahad is recovered in the river by Tesla and a hooded stranger (Perceval’s probable informant)
  • Galahad is led into a house; Tesla cures him by making him drink the healing liquid from the ampoule
  • Two days pass: November 22, 1886
  • Sequence: The hooded man leaves leaving Tesla to take care of Galahad. The knight, still motionless in bed, faints
  • Four days pass: November 26, 1886
  • Rani visits him (Tesla is therefore an accomplice of the rebels)
  • Another 4 days pass: November 30, 1886
  • Tesla decides to leave Rani to take care of Galahad for fear of being discovered and arrested
  • December 2, 1886: Galahad finally wakes up; Rani is with him. It’s night. Tesla kept his equipment for him

14. Chapter 14: A Knight of Old

December 2, 1886
Underground expansion, Blackwall

  • Exploration mission with lantern
    Rani and Galahad venture together
  • Galahad asks why Rani owns a healing ampoule. The woman replies that it was transmitted to her by a knight, Sir Bors De Ganis
  • Directive: Escape to Whitechapel
  • Shooting in the gallery against United India Company guards
  • Sequence: Lady Igraine breaks into the house where Galahad was housed. Uncovering his clothes, order to upgrade the Council and converge with all available knights in the Whitechapel area
  • Sequence: Rani and Galahad arrive at the brothel in Whitechapel (Aux belle Muses), which is evacuated
  • Galahad decides to return to Westminster alone to save Nikola
  • As Galahad comes out of the brothel, Lafayette appears by surprise. The knight decides not to intervene and addresses a few words of solidarity to Galahad, unsure of his loyalty
  • Galahad comes out of the brothel saying goodbye to his friend

15. Chapter 15: To Save a Life

Decembre 15, 1886
The Westminster Bridge, City of Westminster

  • Galahad makes his way to Westminster. You have to intercept him to give him the Falchion rifle and greet him
  • Directive: Get To Tesla’s lab
  • Subway station
    Position exploration / achievement mission
  • Item: newspaper (Lost Soul Meets His Maker)
  • Galahad communicates via radio with Tesla to announce his arrival
  • Item: London map
  • Galahad contacts Tesla to tell him he’s on his way
  • Interaction: Lift grate
  • Shooting with enemies (British soldiers)
  • Tesla warns Galahad that Lucan is on his way to the lab
  • “The Anarchists 29.11.86” recording
  • Shootings with other guards
  • Directive: Reach Tesla’s Laboratory
  • Via Tesla’s radio, Lucan is heard talking to the scientist
  • Interaction: Galahad breaks down a wooden barrier, climbs a wall and forces an electrical circuit on a door
  • Arrival at the laboratory; it is necessary to tamper with the door with the power tool
  • Sequence: Galahad finds Nikola injured; Lucan is still in the lab

16. Chapter 16: Brother, Let Us Embrace

Decembre 3,1886
Tesla’s laboratory, Catacombs of Westminster

  • New Weapon: Electric Pulse Rifle (not used as it was immediately taken by Lucan)
  • Clash with Lucan (knife fight)
  • Lucan turns into an ancient Lycan (Elder)
  • Fighting session (like in London hospital)
  • Galahad fatally wounds Lucan, who again assumes human form
  • Lord Chancellor appears by surprise. He confesses that he saved Lucan when he exterminated his Elder family
  • Galahad asks Lord Chancellor to confess everything to the Council, but he refuses to avoid the collapse of the Order of the Knights
  • Aware of the situation, Lord Chancellor hands the gun to Galahad with the task of killing Lucan and keeping their secret
  • Galahad will thus not be able to return to the Order
  • Interaction: Galahad arms the dog of the gun; Galahad shoots Lucan
  • Black fade with title (The Order | 1886)
  • Main credits

Epilogue: A Knight No more

December 21, 1886
London, Under Martial Law

  • Nikola speaks by radio to Galahad
  • Galahad is perched on a roof and has a panoramic view of London
  • Nikola reports that the Council has declared martial law throughout the city and advises Galahad to leave the city with Lady Lakshmi because there will soon be a government offensive.
  • Gray replies to his friend that he is no longer Sir Galahad
  • Music and credits

3. Conclusions

3.1. A new order
The Order: 1886 still has immense narrative potential and in my opinion represents the most influential neo-gothic-themed intellectual property currently in the gaming industry.

Its combination of real history, neo-gothic tradition and science fiction uchrony in fact reinforces the creative appropriation of the iconography of the Industrial Revolution, and especially of the Victorian age, constituting a totally unique and extremely competitive project, both for the themes (supernatural, horrifying, positivist, retrofuturism) both for “cinegametic” interaction and contamination, presenting itself as a unique case study with a strong creative influence.

After more than six years from its publication, the decision to continue the original story remains a complex choice, with the risk of offering a limited adventure linked to the open epilogue known with Galahad, now freed from the chivalric poetry of the Order. A possible evolutionary solution could include a remake of the original work, but reformulated by integrating even radical narrative changes and providing greater freedom of interaction, ideally resulting in a structured gaming experience in 15–20 hours.

Equally, it is essential to consider a parallel expansion, preferably in a transmedia configuration, specially designed to develop through an engaging videogame trilogy, but also designed to expand into film and television branches (aligning itself in perfect rivalry with the film universe of Sherlock Holmes imagined by Guy Ritchie).

The extraordinary interdisciplinary contamination and the technical virtuosity demonstrated in The Order: 1886 still remain unforgettable and perhaps, with the future support of the historical collaborators of Sony Santa Monica, could represent the harbinger of prodigious creative goals destined to be reborn in the near future with a renewed gaming adventure.




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